We have provided a list of frequently asked questions and their responses below. Can’t find your question here? Please send an e-mail to info@hzoij.nl. Wherever possible, we will respond to your enquiry within five working days.

Got a medical question? If so, please contact your GP.

When is the out-of-hours GP service open?

The out-of-hours GP service is open between the hours of 5:00 pm until 8:00 am the following morning on weekdays, and also during the day at weekends and public holidays.

Can I attend the out-of-hours GP service without a prior appointment?

No, it is not possible to attend without an appointment. It is important that you call before visiting. The triage nurse will advise you over the phone, or will make an appointment for you with the GP or the out-of-hours GP service. The GP can also make a home visit if required for medical reasons.

How soon can I expect the GP to visit me at home?

If the situation is life threatening, everything will be done to be get to you as soon as possible or an ambulance will be called. In the case of non-life-threatening situations, the GP will work through the list of visits based on their urgency.

When should I go to the out-of-hours GP service and when should I go to A&E at the hospital?

If you require urgent assistance, you must contact the out-of-hours GP service first. If necessary, they will refer you to the hospital. In an acute, life-threatening situation, call 112 straightaway.

Can I call the out-of-hours GP service if I didn't have time to visit my GP?

No, the out-of-hours GP service is strictly for urgent medical enquiries. If you telephone in the evening or at the weekend about a non-urgent matter, this could hold up urgent enquiries. In this case, you will be referred back to your GP.

Can the triage nurse I speak to on the phone give me medical advice?

Yes, the triage nurse you speak to is specially trained to assess your medical need and to advise you. The triage nurses will use the Dutch Triage System to assist them in this process. If necessary, the triage nurse will consult a GP or they can put you through to a GP. All medical advice issued by the triage nurse will be validated afterwards by the on-duty GP.

Who sets the amount invoiced for the out-of-hours GP service?

The Dutch Health Authority sets annual rates for all out-of-hours GP services in the Netherlands. The fees are higher than those charged by your GP because the service provides emergency assistance outside of normal working hours. Click here for the current rates.

Do I have to pay for advice over the phone?

Yes, you also have to pay this amount for medical advice provided by the triage nurse. We will automatically forward the bill for this to your health insurer. You are not, however, required to pay a personal contribution or excess. Click here for the rates

Will a record be kept of my medical information?

Yes, we are required to record information about your contact with the out-of-hours GP service in an electronic file. We will send your GP notes of the appointment in electronic form the following working day. The notes will state the health problem you presented with and the treatment prescribed. Your GP will file this information with your medical notes. This is so that your GP can be properly informed about your state of health and your medical notes can be kept up to date.

Can the out-of-hours GP service view my medical notes?

The out-of-hours GP service can access some of your medical notes, provided you have given your consent. They can access a current overview of your medication, information on any allergies and your most recent consultations with your GP.

If there is a special situation with a patient and the GP believes he or she is likely to need the out-of-hours GP service, the GP will forward the relevant medical information to the service.

Why do I have to pay for parking?

The Slingeland Hospital has leased the car park to Interparking Nederland.
The out-of-hours GP service therefore has no control over this and all visitors and patients are required to pay for parking.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get through to someone on the phone. Why is that?

The phone lines can get very busy, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. There are occasions when all of the triage nurses are on the phone to a patient at the same time. In this case, you will be put on hold. You can help reduce waiting times by preparing in advance for your conversation with the out-of-hours GP service. For example, you could take your temperature, have your BSN number and date of birth ready to hand as well as information on your medication. The same applies if you are calling for someone else.

I was seen later in the queue than I was told. Why was that?

  • If you are asked to attend for a consultation with a GP, the triage nurse will schedule an appointment for you. Despite having an appointment, it may still be necessary to wait for a period. This could be for a number of reasons:
  • a patient has come in with a life-threatening condition who requires immediate attention
  • a patient has come in who is experiencing severe pain, and needs immediate assistance
  • it will not always be clear to medical staff how much time the GP will need with a patient until they get to the surgery. For example, it will take longer to suture a complex wound.

Why does the out-of-hours GP service record telephone conversations?

We record all telephone conversations. We do this to monitor the quality of our service. We also use the recordings in case there is a complaint or misunderstanding to check what exactly was said. Recordings are stored for a minimum of 2 years, following which they will be destroyed. Recordings of phone conversations may only be stored for longer if they relate to a complaints procedure. There are strict rules for recording telephone conversations that we adhere to.

Will my GP be notified if I have attended the out-of-hours GP service?

Yes. If you attended the out-of-hours GP service, your GP will be notified of this before 8:00 a.m. the next day. This information will be filed with your medical notes.

Can I call the out-of-hours service if I need a repeat prescription?

We will only write repeat prescriptions for essential medication and only for a short period. You will never receive more medication on prescription than you need until your next consultation with your GP.

What should I do if I am not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the treatment you received from the out-of-hours GP service, you can submit a complaint here.

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